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Encouraging students to pursue the splendor of truth!

2010 Pro-Life Events-& Counterparts

Each one of us is a Unique Gift to All of Human History,
never to be repeated and more rare than even our DNA!
When God and our parents chose to create us, they had 1.4 Quadrillion different possibilities to choose from, but they chose us, chose you, chose me!

Each of us is one of our mother's 2 million to 7 million (eggs)
our father's 100 million to 200 million (sperm).

I.E.: 1.4 Quadrillion: 2,000,000 = 7,000,000 * 200,000,000

The total square feet of habitable land on Planet Earth (excluding Antarctica):
1.4 Quadrillion Square Feet!

So when God & our parents chose to create us at our
DNA Moment of Genetic Fertilization or Conception,

it is as if they placed a virtual person on every square foot of Planet Earth and

asked themselves which one shall we create?

Well they chose you and let the other 1.4 quadrillion optional other persons disappear!

So you and I are God's Image and Likeness Presence or Creation, son or daughter,

intended by Him and our parents to meet persons and places uniquely and wonderfully

in the thread of time God permits us to live through.

We are gifted with just the right stuff, creative human genius, courage, talents

humor, kindness and attractiveness necessary to optimally be His presence to

those persons and places in that time thread.

So nothing should discourage us, He tells us in His Great Book, the Bible,
since we should not be afraid, let your hearts not be dismayed ...

& 364 other variants of this theme.

Source Reference:

Total Square Feet of habitable land on on Planet Earth = 1.4 Quadrillion

Total Number of Square Miles of land on Earth:

nearly 52 million = the six habitable continents excluding Antarctica--


27,787,400--the Total Number of Square feet in one square mile!

San Francisco, CA Jan 23, 2010
Saturday 21 Jan 11am - 4pm: Walk for Life

Women Deserve Better Than Abortion

19th Century Legislatures banned abortion to protect women--Sarah Weddington, Roe pro-abort lawyer!

11:00 am at Justin Herman Plaza on Market Street: Details

Check out & Join the Walk for Life West Coast

We have DNA & Genetic Science on our side:

Life begins at that DNA, Genetic Defining Moment,

Conception or Fertilization

which is the Moment of Genetic Signature,

the Moment of Genetic ID

the Moment of Genetic Inheritance

the Moment of Genetic Imprint

the Moment of Natural Selection if Evolution is believed.

However, while both implantation and birth are wise moves,

they are not the DNA Defining Moment, i.e., Conception.

According to George William Hunter, (author of the 1925 SCOPES Monkey Trial evolution biology textbook used by Scopes, a public school substitute teacher in Tennessee,):

"Each individual plant, animal and human begins its life at fertilization, when the egg and sperm cells unite."

Its that DNA Defining Moment when you inherit your set of genes from both your parents (one of 2 to 7 million of your mom's eggs and one of your father's 100 to 200 million sperm).

Also check out and Pray for our "Confused Friends": Notice Same Titles

Notice also how they don't believe in our 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech and Assembly! They call for disruption, "resistance" and "civil disobedience" rather than DIALOGUE:

"We are calling on the people and workers of San Francisco and the Bay Area to rise up and completely stop them in their tracks and shut down their march."

"Autonomous direct actions to shut down the march are also encouraged."

[We hope and pray the ANTI-LIFE GROUPS will avail themselves of every opportunity to discuss, to enlighten and to be enlightened, to respect and to be respected.

We are there for 2 reasons:

1st to convey our pro-life message civilly, prayerfully & lawfully

2nd to standup for everyone's rights, including theirs, to exercise our American Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and Assembly]!

Washington DC Jan 21, 2010

Georgetown (GU): GU Faculty for Life, GU Right to Life, & GU Knights of Columbus present:

Georgetown University, in the Bunn Intercultural Center (ICC)

Speeches, Workshops and Information Tables.
Conference-Click here for more info!

Registration and Networking Exhibits: 10:00am - 11:00am

Opening Remarks: 11:00am - 11:15am

First Keynote Address by Mother Agnes: 11:15am - 12:00pm

Lunch: 12:00pm - 1:15pm

"Close-up!" Sessions: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Evangelium Vitae Award Presentation: 2:45pm - 3:00pm

Second Keynote Address by Jennifer O'Neill: 3:00pm - 3:45pm

Closing Remarks and Prayer: 3:45pm-4:00pm

Book signing by Jennifer O'Neill to follow conference.



Keynote Speakers

Join the HUNDREDS of College and University Students Attending from:
Annapolis, Catholic University, Christendom, Dallas U., Florida U., Fordum U., George Mason U., Georgetown U., George Washington U., Hamilton College, Harvard?, Holy Cross, Indiana U., Kansas U., Maryland U., MIT?, Notre Dame, NYU, Princeton, Richmond U., San Francisco U., Villanova, West Point, Yale, etc. 

Some other Pro-Life Student & Resource Groups & their members in attendance:
1. American Collegians for Life (ACL)
2. Collegians Activated to Liberate Life (CALL)
3. Priests for Life
4. Regnum Christi--Legionaires for Christ
5. Human Life International
6. Population Research Institute
7. Pro-Life Students

II. Students for Life
             2010 Annual Leadership Training Conference
    Friday, January 20 --Sunday, January 22, 2006
     Washington, DC
3-Day conference with students from around the country!
Speeches, Workshops and Information Tables.

Posters Available for Sale: Up to 30 by 40 inches
(Free Print Permission granted for letter size:
call me at 41-738-6371or
email me at


Election--2006: Vote for Pro-Life Candidates or for the weaker pro-abort candidate if only option!

Vida Humana Internacional
Sección hispana de Human Life International
Human Life International
Population Research Institute:
Natural Family Planning
99% Effective--Better than the Pill

(See Below!)


Tim Russert of NBC's July 16, 2000 Meet the Press:

Pressed Al Gore to admit that life begins at no avail!

      Instruction Original to VP Al Gore

  1. "It's Science, Stupid!" Postcard Address Page-1
  2. Science vs. the Know-Nothings--1925 Scopes Monkey-Evolution Trial Page-2

     Info copy to Governor George W. Bush:

  1. "It's Science, Stupid!" Postcard Address Page-1
  2. Science vs. the Know-Nothings--1925 Scopes Monkey-Evolution Trial Page-2

Safe Abortion Myth!
Lawsuit for False Advertising of Abortion as Medically Safe...
"Woman Files Lawsuit Against North Dakota Abortion Facility" 

Depending on abortion is like depending on slavery; it's wrong! in progress below::

Nazi Medicine: Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia Scams:
1. Global Warming
Oregoners--Voted Yes 2. Cloning: no cloning around!
California--Voted No 3. Embryo Stem Cell Research
4. Abortion
5. Artificial Birth Control
6. Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia

In 15 to 20 years:

2. Embryo Stem Cell R&D

Evil, Bad Medicine
Child Suffers Pain
Healing Afterwards
 Great Quotes
California Future?


Alan Greenspan

--Failure of Social Security 
of Stock Market
Ethics vs Clinton Administration Stem-Cell Research
Roe as.Wade
Breast Cancer
Partial Birth
German Supreme Court
Kids are Killing Kids
Roe:  Norma McCorvey
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Teaching Skits
Capital Punishment
Scopes 1925 Monkey Trial--George William Hunter, 1914: A Civic Biology: "Each individual plant, animal and human begins its life at fertilization, when the egg and sperm unite!"
Pro-Life Student Groups
 Encouraging Women!
Natural Family Planning

50 US States
      "Go into politics!"

   "Defend your Ladies 
   & Children!"

"Wisconson Law Review" written by J.A. Kindley: The Abortion/Breast Cancer Link - is it real?

American Center for Law and Justice

  • More effective than the pill! 
  • Does not exploit women or men! 
  • Does not cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer or sterility!  
  • Low divorce rate: 2%! 
  • Wait or have child when you want to! 

Abortion after Rape, Incest?
Why should the Innocent Unborn Child

suffer Capital Punishment for the Father's Crime?

Rape & Incest, Mom & Child--Two Victims Seek Life, Peace & Justice

Victims & Victors edited by David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa & Amy Sobie

Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions & Children Resulting from Sexual Assault Post Abortion Syndrome Site:
According to Consensus opinion in a new survey of
192 Rape & Incest Victim Women
who either aborted or birthed their children:
RAPE CHILD wants LIFE too!
Rapist typical penalty:  5, 10 or 20 years to life, rarely, Death Penalty!
Why should innocent child of rape be given the death penalty?
ABORTION is unnecessary, not helpful for rape or incest victims!
All Children want to live!

European Royalty Kings, Queens, Princes & Princes were often
conceived via incest relationships Should we kill the Royals???
ABORTION rape or incest cases is injurious. Most sexual assault victims do not even want abortions!
Many women abort only because of undue pressure!
Most reported that abortion only increased their experience of grief and trauma!

Continuing Hot Topic:
Coming, more sound bites to defeat the culture of death!

Join us for peaceful, non-violent, prayerful, singing & helpful presence!
A. M. Gohari Abortion Clinic Weekly Saturday Morning Protests:
**College Park, Maryland:       Time & Date: 9 AM Most Saturdays

Location:  5950 Greenbelt Rd, College Park, MD

Across the Street from Greenbelt Giant & CVS

Pray for the conversion of the Hearts of Dr. & Mrs. A. M. Gohari! 

Recent Events:

Defend Life Sponsored Brian Clowes HLI-Training for Prolife Activists in Baltimore, MD

Maryland Conservative Society Great Abortion Debate: Joe Scheidler vs NARAL

(See US Supreme Court Case NOW vs Scheidler)

Maryland Conservative Society

University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 

(Sub-Hosted here at

Join This Great Student Group!

(Tempory Sub-Hosted Site!)


Double Click the Picture of the MCS Officers to go to MCS Page!

(U of MD Link coming soon!)

Washington, DC Pro-Life Rallies: Roe vs. Wade

Pro-Life March Jan. 24, 2000 Baffles Weathermen!
God, Answers Prayer, doesn't Snow on His Own Show!
Expected Snow Storm sent South till after Pro-Life Activities & March!

We are the Culture of Life
with Science on Our Side...& YOU?
News Flash, Get it?
Jedi Knights & well as Navy Friends,
Defend American Lives!
Congratulations, Mom & Dad,
It's a Boy! It's a Girl!


Cardinal O'Connor Georgetown University: Conference on Life
Georgetown University 10am-5pm Sunday--Jan. 22, 2006
Students for Life

(Formerly American Collegians for Life (ACL)

ACL 2006 Annual Leadership Training Conference
Friday to Sunday--Jan. 20-22, 2006

Learn the Facts & Do What You Can: Pursue the Splendor of Truth! Join the Culture of Life! Defeat the Culture of Death! Abortion Doubles Breast Cancer: 28 Worldwide Medical Studies & Child Feels Pain 15 Days after conception: NIH, CNN Crossfire '94! Over-Population is a Myth: 6 Billion fit in Rhode Island with 5 square feet per person, dancing room for everyone on Earth; 2,500 US farms close yearly, too little demand, too much food! No Cloning Around: Clone Organs not Persons. Assisted Suicide is Nazi Medicine, opens Auschwitz Door! Stem Cell Research, when Ethical? Abstinence, NFP & Virtue! Science vs the Know-Nothings: Life begins at Conception, the Moment of Genetic Signature! Roe, Norma McCorvey, & Bernard Nathanson MD, co-founder of NARAL, now are both on our side!  Join the side of Science, Truth & Heaven!

Collegians Activated to Liberate Life (CALL)

Tel: (815) 969-6955 ~~ Email:

CALL Meeting Details -- Coming Soon!

* Population Research Institute presented on 19-20 November 1999 (Photos Coming Soon)

Conference:  Human Rights in China Fifty Years Later!

Saturday, November 13, 1999

Maryland Right to Life Convention

09:00am to 5:30pm
Knights of Columbus Building
6111 Columbian Way
Bowie, Maryland, 20715

Cost: $25 for students & $40 for adults

Highlights: include continental breakfast, workshops, speakers!

 09:00am Talk by Carol Long of the National Right to Life Committee
The Racist Abortion Agenda! & Refuting the Myth:  "A Legal Abortion is a Save Abortion!"
 01:00pm Lunch with THE "Jane Roe", Norma McCorvey, of Roe v. Wade fame. She is now a pro-life Christian. With her organization, Roe No More, she encourages women not to have abortions & tries to help them find peace if they have already had an abortion. Astonishingly as it may seem, Norma never had an abortion; she gave up all three of her children for adoption: before, during & after the Row v. Wade. In this US Supreme Court case, Justice Blackmun invented the "right" to abortion by rejecting science. He denied we knew when life begins. All he had to do was walk one block to the Library of Congress and ask the Librarian for just the scientific books, in any language: Embryology, etc. Life begins at conception when the egg and sperm cells unite, the Moment of Genetic Signature & the Darwinian Moment of Natural Selection.

Roe Story:

Wicipedia on Jane Roe

Roe No More Ministry


Contact Pro-Life Students at (301) 345-6628 or

Call Maryland Right to Life (410) 269-6397 to register and for more info.

It should be interesting and informative. Tell your friends!

* TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1999 at 6:30 pm

University of Maryland's Maryland Conservative Society presents

Carol Long of the Nation Right to Life Committee

To speak on life issues, mainly partial-birth abortion &
current legislation in Congress!
Location: The University of Maryland, College Park Campus
Stamp Student Union--Prince Georges Room 

* African-American Life Alliance March: "If You Love the Unborn Child, Say So!"
 (Took Place on Monday, Oct. 11, 1999 at 11 AM)
Stop Abortion Genocide of Afro-American Unborn Children!
Protest the Daily Killing of America's 4,400 Unborn Children, 1,452 Blach Unborn Children, i.e. one per minute!

Get the best African American Pro-Life Information

Defeat Nazi Medicine California Assembly Bill: AB1592 Assisted Suicide

The vote, expected in Sacramento, California on Wednesday May 19, 1999, was delayed by having the bell sent back to committee!  Warning, Measure was tabled but the danger still exists!

Assisted Suicide is Auschwitz Door!
Don't Open that door the slightest!
Call or Email California Legislators: alternate sources
State Assembly Members-1  State Assembly Members-2
California Senate
California Governor's Office   Other State Officials
(Click on home page for email addresses)

Open this door?  Not even the slightest!

Fight Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia), Nazi "Medicine"!

What you can do now...before it is too late!

California voters defeated an Assisted Suicide Referendum 5 years ago!
Why is the California State Legislature reopening this evil issue again and why are they going against the California voters will?

Ask the California State Legislators (Assembly members and State Senators) why they want to bring Nazi Medicine to America, allowing the killing of the innocent.  Assisted Suicide, Auschwitz (Holocaust) Door, empowers the State and the Medical executioners to eliminate non-criminal citizens.

* Assisted Suicide is capital punishment for the innocent!

* Undermines the principles of presumed innocence and of the protection of the innocent.

Assisted Suicide?  Why not...other Oxymorons?
Life Guard Assisted Drowning!*
Fireman Assisted Arson!*
Policeman Assisted Crime!*
Lawyer Assisted Incrimination!*
Teacher Assisted Ignorance!
Preacher Assisted Sin!

*Based on a April 1997 HI talk by Professor Dylan, U. of Minn.

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide:
*  Living Wills are death sentences & tickets to Hell!
*  Do Not Resuscitate Directives are Death Sentences & possible sentences to eternal punishment in Hell
*  Brain Death is in no longer a sufficient criteria to determine death

a. Ask US Congress, House & Senate, to again debate and create law to ban Assisted Suicide throughout United States.

Last year they tried to pass bill H.R. 4006.

SEE Assisted Suicide Ban infonet-as-ban.htm Email from me at webmaster   

b. Why not Assisted Suicide? Don't let Hitler's Nazis laugh in Hell at US!

c. Call & email your US Senators & US Representative & request they pass
H.R 4006 Assisted Suicide Ban:

Ask the Capital Operator to connect you to your--

             Senators:  (202) 224-3121

             Representative:  (202) 225-3121

Toll-Free Number for House or Senate: (800) 522-6721

Links to your US SenateUS House of Representatives 

Top-of-pageColoradoKids Killing KidsLittle Town Kids--Boomer Values 
Top-of-pageAbortion: Nuclear War...Nuke a Big American City?
...against the Unborn; 50 Million per Year World-Wide! 
# 1 cause of death...followed by heart illness & cancer!
< 1.5 million                               < 750,000      < 500,000
         1*                                          2*                  3* 
Rev. Jesse Jackson called abortion:
"...the right to choose...the premise of slavery!"

Top-of-page* Breast Cancer Risk Doubles After Abortion:  Pro & Con

Top-of-page* Partial Birth & other Abortions=Forced Breech Abortion

Top-of-pageGerman Supreme Court, May 28, 1993, Decision in light of the Holocaust Experience:  (8 to 4 votes including all three women on the court!) "...Abortion is an Illegal Procedure...  The Unborn Child has a Right to Life from Conception... It is the Duty of this Supreme Court of Germany to protect Unborn Life..."
Top-of-pageOver Population?  NOT True!
It's a Dangerous Myth!
It Undermines our Economic Well-Being:  "It is the economy, stupid!"
             Alan Greenspan:  Social Security & Demographics
                                         Not Enough Skilled Workers
                                         Inflated Stock Market
      * 1950's -- 8 workers per Retiree!
      * 1990's -- 4 workers per Retiree!
      * 2000's -- 2 workers per Retiree!
      All generations need these children!
Overpopulation, "standing room only" will never happen!

We are in space now; we are going to the stars soon!  Likely 21st Century!
It would take more years--117,000--to reach "standing room only" than
mankind has lived--100,000 years--if you assume evolution is true.*  This
calculation is based on the current annual worldwide growth rate of 1.5%.
Not enough food supply to support much larger populations?  Wrong!
2 US Senators, defending the 1999 Agriculture Bill, stated that US farms
are being reduced by 2,500 per year due to diminished demand and improve production. 

The push for worldwide population reduction is killing America's most important export industry, farming!
INCREASE population growth to 3%, only slightly more than 3 children per family on average!
Save Social Security, Save the Stock Market, Save the Infrastructure,
fight the Overpopulation Myth, Reduce Taxes and increase Family Budgets!
Support NASA, our future is also in space on other planets!

Could the entire world population, 6.5 billion,

fit into any one of the 50 US States? 

(Data Source: World Almanac 1997 & 2009)

The Whole World Could Fit

into any 1 of the 50 US States:

State Average SQ Feet
per Person
What You Could Do There!
the Whole World!

per Person

4 Bedroom House
in Alaska
Largest State
the Whole World!

per Person

2 Bedroom House
in Texas
2nd Largest State

the Whole World!

per Person

1 Bedroom House or
in California
3rd Largest State
the Whole World!

Rhode Island
per Person

All 6.5 Billion World Inhabitants would have Dancing Room
in Rhode Island
50th Largest State
(i.e., The Smallest State)

the Whole World!



per Person

All 6.5 Billion World Inhabitants

could do a

Swing Dance or

in Anchorage, AK
Largest US City

the Whole World!


per Person
All 6.5 Billion World Inhabitants

could do a

Slow Dance
in Jacksonville, FL
2nd Largest US City

SOME Real Population Facts back in 1998:

At 1.5% world population growth rate in 1998, it would take 45,000 years (year 47,000, i.e., Y47K) to get dancing room, 5 square foot, on the whole planet Earth!*
...not an immediate problem!
Contrast with Overpopulation Myth perpetrated by Congressman Udahl of Utah in 1969 Arizona paper:  "Spaceship Earth, Standing Room Only."
At 1.5% world population growth rate in 1998, it would take 117,000 years (year 119,000, i.e., Y119K) to get standing room, 2 square foot, on the whole planet Earth! *
...also not an immediate problem!

* Assumes use of multiple storied buildings!

Real, immediate problem year 2015:  not enough children, as working adults, to support the retired generation, the stock market and the infrastructure put in place by previous generations.

Three Great Rules for YOUR Ideal Family Size :
1. Don't have more children than you can educate.
2. But be generous to the banquet table of life.
3. And use a natural family planning method (NFP).

Don't short-change grandparents, parents, siblings and Society by having too few children.
According to the United Nations, 2.2 children per family is zero growth in industrial countries and 3.4 in third world countries (due to higher mortality rates). 

Thus to contribute to growth at all a family needs to have at least 3 children in industrial countries and 4 children in third world countries.
NFP is more effective than the pill--they exist according to medical journal studies done world-wide, nearly 100% effective.

They don't exploit women or men!  Let the pharmaceutical industry sell other medicines for more important purposes.

Check out the average square foot per person in All 50 US States! and Any Nation of the World:

Reduce taxes at all government levels so families may be supported on a single income if the family wants to choose this option!  We pay 3 to 5 times the taxes of the 1950's!

Top-of-pageGlobal Warming Myth = Junk, Unproven Science!
"It is the economy, stupid!"
The Oceans are more than 70% of Earth's surface; our best super computers are not yet powerful enough to model the ocean temperatures!
Science has not determined whether there is global warming.
Even if there is global warming, if Nature is responsible for 70 to 95 %, human efforts may be insignificant in effect.  Suggested policies would likely cause economic disaster!
International and national environmental extremists treaties and policies would wreak our economy, impoverish the middle class!
Best Practices:  continue environmental research and implement economical innovation.

Top-of-pageCloning--No Cloning Around!

Top-of-pageSusan B. Anthony List (Encouraging Pro-Life Women for Politics)

Check Out "Who's Talking": 3 Congresswomen & 2 Congressmen

Top-of-pageGreat Links:

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
American Life League
Human Life International
National Right To Life
Ohio Right to Life
Feminists for Life
National Coalition for Life & Peace


Awesome Pro-Life Thinking Rock Band! Russian Orthodox Pro-Life Site

Top-of-pagePro-Life News List--Subscribe to this hot new email list for daily pro-life news email:  Life
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Top-of-pagePro-Life Student Organizations:  Calendar of Events
Universities & Colleges:  US by State & World-Wide
Harvard-Radcliffe Alliance for Life (HRAL)
Princeton University Pro-Life-Students
and many more!

Ideas for creating your own student web site!  Check out colleges above!
Links: Yahoo's Web Site for Beginners
Other tools: Netscape's free Communicator with Web Composer 
Other Nations' Pro-Life Student Organizations:
Austria Canada France Germany Korea Russia Scotland 
American Collegians for Life: Twelfth Annual Leadership Training Conference
January 22 - 24, 1999 Columbus School of Law CUA in Washington, DC.
Participants from Princeton; MIT; Villanova; U San Francisco; U St Thomas Houston, TX; Fl. State U;
Georgetown, Catholic U.; Ohio State; George Mass on; Trinity (DC); VA Tech; Franciscan U; Anselm U in Maine & many more students from around the Nation. Join them again next year.
Collegians Activated to Liberate Life also held a conference at the same time in DC. 
Top-of-pageQuotes & Sound Bytes:

Famous QuotesPro-Life Students Quotes 

Great Skits for Teaching:

1. Toddler's Teach-In

2. Kids and Parents

3. Science vs. the Know-Nothings

Top-of-pageNorma McCorvey, Roe of Roe vs. Wade 1973:
a. She is growing in her Christian Faith; she is now studying the Catholic Faith
and she will be be confirmed in Rome upon completion, click link:

Human Life International

b. Some recent comments from and about Miss Norma as she likes to be called:
(Subscribe to source for daily emailing, instructions below.)

"I don't have to go to the death camps anymore, to earn six bucks an
hour," she said of her one-time job as marketing director of a Dallas
abortion clinic. "I don't have the nightmares that I used to have, about
seeing dead babies."

McCorvey now spends much of her time making speeches around the country.
She also directs the Dallas-based Roe No More Ministry, an organization
that provides information to pro-life groups.

McCorvey never actually had an abortion; she put all three of her children
up for adoption. She said between 30 and 35 women have contacted her over
the years claiming to be the "Roe Baby."
McCorvey said she's now content. "What I have is eternal life, and it
feels wonderful," she said.

Top-of-pageNon-Violence, The Pro-Life Solution:
Pro-Choicers are willing to let some innocent person die without a trial!
Pro-Lifers are for protecting life, not destroying it!
Clinic bombers take on the principle of pro-choicer!
Thus they have joined the pro-choice ranks, are pro-choice!
Isn't it time to stop all this violence against our children & adults!

Top-of-pageStatement on Capital Punishment:  All Societies have a right to defend themselves. This includes the right to apply capital punishment for heinous crimes as a way to defend themselves.  It is better, however, that Society apply much constraint in the application of this right.  It is preferable, with few exceptions, to keep the capital criminals locked up in prison permanently if necessary to protect Society.  Only if execution is necessary to protect Society should it be used.  One example is on the battlefield where one cannot always take prisoners but one has the obligation to stop capital criminals from continuing to harm citizens by murder, rape and treason.  It may be impossible to imprison the capital criminal.

Natural Family Planning:  Most Effect Method of Family Planning

Couples using the Pill have a 50% divorce rate!  NFP couples only 2%!

  1. Billings Method
  2. Craighton Method
  3. Symtho-Thermo:  Couple-to-Couple Method 
Spiritual Perspective
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